Criss Cross Ponytail Hairstyle For Straight Long Hair

Criss Cross Ponytail Hairstyle For Straight Long Hair

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Today I will show you how to make this eye-catching Criss Cross Ponytail in minutes. No matter what your hair type is, this particular tutorial is for a little longer hair but if you have short hairs then still you don’t need to skip this tutorial as you still can do this by adding the extension onto your hair. You can use any hair extension you like to make it look a little bigger. If you are using hair extension, attach the hair with the small and secure clip. Two sets of extensions will be good enough to give you a different look; you can choose one light and one darker shade.

If you have long hair, skip the extension part and carry on the ponytail tutorial. Here it is.

1. First of all, Brush your hair thoroughly to make it straight and clean.
2. Take three sections of the hair, Main part of the hair will cover 70% of the hair and remaining three parts of the hair will cover remaining 30% of the hair.
3. Take two strands of hair from one section and cross them over the central section. Now get the same strands under the central part to make the criss-cross shape. After doing it, bring the same strands to the front (As shown in the picture). Keep wrapping up the section under and over the main section until you reach the end. When you reach the end, tie the hair with a small elastic.
4. Now grab two more strands from another section and wrap them around your braid in the same manner you did with the first section. Make sure to cross the new stands right above the previous ones.
5. Now you have one small section remaining to be braided on the ponytail. If you are satisfied with this look, then leave the remaining section as it is. You can also make a double or triple cross over the ponytail. Wrap the remaining two strands of the last section if you desire, do it in the same way you did with the strands of the previous sections.

This is done, now you have a neat criss-cross ponytail which looks awesome.

Special thanks to Lilith Moon for this fantastic tutorial.